Carpet Cleaning SEO

For those in the carpet cleaning world, you may already know how important carpet cleaning seo can be for your business. For those who are still on the fence or have yet to do any research, we’re going to break down the top  reasons why SEO for carpet cleaners is the best form of marketing.

Best ROI

SEO offers one of the best return on investments possible in terms of carpet cleaning marketing. If one is on the first page of Google they can expect to get an extra 200-300 consumers landing on their website each month depending on the city.

Even if you’re only getting an extra 5 accounts every month, the SEO efforts will pay for themselves. Everything over 5 accounts is pure profit. 


Unlike other offline marketing, tracking your SEO efforts is a breeze. There are countless tools out there that allow one to track their current rankings in Google, see how consumers are finding them, and more.

Voxy Marketing offers some of the best reporting in the industry. Their state of the art tracking allows their clients to view their rankings in real time and see how consumers are finding them.

Higher profit margins

Carpet cleaners who implement a SEO strategy are also able to charge more. This is because most consumers only call 1-3 carpet cleaning companies to get a quote. The companies on the first page of Google on average charge about 23% more.

What does this mean for your business? You’re able to charge more per job and make more profit on each job. You can always come in high and then neogiate with the consumers as well.


Consumers trust Google. Let’s say a consumer searches for Alexandria, VA Carpet Cleaning, they are going to trust that Google is showing them the best companies in the results. This means that consumers are more likely to use your service regardless of where they found you.

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